Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writing to Win

Today marks the final day of NaNoWriMo 2011 and I have just validated my novel (that's where I paste my novel into the official word counter and it tells me whether or not I have indeed achieved winner's status).

I have. That's right. 50,558 words and that makes me a winner! Yippee! Notice my new winner's badge off to the right there. Now...I'm not done. My story is still in the thick of things; it does not have an ending and really isn't even on the cusp of having one. So I'm not really sure I can say I wrote a whole novel in 30 days. But 50,000+ words: I'm plenty happy with that! I'll keep on and I'll get this novel done, because I write now. Every day, just about. More than anything, I'm happy with that. Returning to writing. Rediscovering how to scratch out a rough draft. Relishing the thought that I can edit later. Realizing a personal writing goal for the first time in ages. It just took that official third party to keep me accountable, I guess. So, thank you to National Novel Writing Month and the Office of Letters and Light.

I'll be back later with more things I learned about writing this month. For now, I'm off to enjoy some delicious lamb kofta courtesy of Mr. Wolf. Yum!

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