Thursday, January 19, 2012


Happy New Year! I took a nice long break from blogging over the holidays, but it's nice to contemplate a new start now and look forward to the new year. I don't make official resolutions, but I do like to think about where I've been and what I've done...what I'd like to do more of, what I could do with less of. And I really just want to enjoy the little things with my family. Have fun being creative with Millie - doodling together more, like we used to. (The doodle above came from one of our late summer sessions.) Hanging out on the floor with Essie - rediscovering all those simple early childhood games like building with blocks and having tea parties with teddy bears. (It's been a couple years now since towers and tea parties were a daily thing with Millie, but I have a chance to enjoy them a second time around with Essie, and I'm taking it!) With that in mind, I'm keeping this post short. My girls are waiting!

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