Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I've long admired the manually striped Noro scarves such as the ones here, and here, and here...so striking and yet so simple! The last thing I needed was to buy any new yarn, though; it's been my goal for some time now to work through the yarn I have stashed, to use what I have rather than stock up on more.

Well. My mother has been looking rather critically at her own stash of yarn, it seems, and decided to pare down. She sent me four balls of Feza Yarn's Cyprus Mohair in the corner of a package she had prepared for Millie for Valentine's Day. And right away I wanted to try a manually striped Noro scarf with it. Except not Noro. And I only had one colorway to boot (the Noro scarves generally use two different colorways to maximize contrast between the stripes.) Oh, well! I'm giving it a try anyway. I started the two strands of yarn at opposite points in the sequence of colors, and so far it's striping quite nicely. In fact, I really like it. It's so soft and the 1x1 rib gives it great loft. I'm following Brooklyn Tweed's notes for this pattern, although there's really not much to it. So pretty!

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