Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Egg Carton Magic

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Millie has a plan to bring something special for her teacher every day this week.  Today she brought a card with an acrostic of her teacher's name.  Tomorrow, she'll bring her this:

Mr. Wolf and I have been having eggs for lunch (omelet with veggies for him, open-faced sandwich with herbs for me) going on several months now.  It's become part of our routine, really.  And that has meant lots and lots of egg cartons, perfect for crafting.  I've been stashing them on a shelf in the closet, waiting for the right time to do something with them, and National Teacher Appreciation Week seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Millie is always eager to make artsy little gifts for the people she loves, and her school teacher is no exception.

I'd browsed the web for egg carton craft ideas sometime prior and this floral wreath had been one of my favorites.  I showed it to Millie and she was totally on board.  We decided to get the little neighbor boy, who is in Millie's class at school (and one of her best buds to boot), in on the project so they could give it to their teacher together.  I think he tired of it a little sooner than Millie did, but they did a great job nonetheless.  I cut the egg carton cups off and shaped a few into flowers, after which Millie and the neighbor boy did some shaping on the remaining cups.  They painted the leaves and then set to work painting the flowers, while I added some detailing to the leaves.  After everything dried, we glued it all to a "wreath" cut from cardboard and painted green.  Voila!

Millie can't wait to give it to her teacher tomorrow. (And if there is a special teacher in your life, remember to give them some love this week!)

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