Friday, June 8, 2012


I had to say goodbye to my cat yesterday.  Mr. Wolf's allergies have been under too great a strain these days and something had to give.  She went to a beautiful new home and she will be fine.  But as long as I can remember, except for the first six months of my marriage, I have had a cat.  Turtle.  Nibbles.  Cookie.  Bouhaki.  Twohaki.  Dolly.  Cobweb.  Gracie.  Vera.  Fa-Ying.  And more around the edges belonging to my parents and siblings.  Lots of cats.  So, even though Millie is finally home from school for summer break and there are once again two little girls underfoot and ringing in my ears, the house seems curiously empty in the background.  Nothing soft and furry about to slink around the corner.  Nothing upstairs warming that spot on my bed.  Nothing to put away the knitting for.  Or the plastic bags (she liked to chew them.)  We'll miss you, Fa-Ying.  Sweet kitty.


Marginamia said...

such a pretty cat! we've had to re-home before. it's hard. thinking of you!

eBirdie said...

Thank you, Kristen.