Sunday, October 21, 2012

In the Mail

I was so excited to get some awesome mail on Friday.  My friend Heather paints (and draws, and decorates, and writes) - she has amazing talent - and has recently started to sell prints of her paintings on Etsy.  Go see her shop: here.  Three original paintings and a drawing by Heather have already been making my house more beautiful for years now.  And now I have this print!  I love it.  So much.

I've been distracted slightly from my mission to determine the best place to hang my new art by an injury to Essie's little foot Friday night.  An x-ray revealed no broken bones and she is at least hobbling around on it today - an improvement from being unable to bear any weight on it at all Friday night and the first half of Saturday.  Poor thing.  But as she is back to walking around, so am I...holding art up to walls, squinting at the empty places, making big decisions about where to hammer the nails.

Thank you, my friend, for sending beautiful things out into the world.  My mail has not been this exciting for a very long time.

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