Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013

So, yeah, that time of year again.  I'm a registered NaNoWriMo participant and I'm doing some writing, but I'm really not feeling it this year.  I met my word quota the first day of the month, and it was okay.  But then I didn't write at all on the second day, trying to decide if I hated the novel already and ought to start on a different idea before getting too far into the month to turn back.  A whole category of my characters was really creeping me out (and they weren't supposed to be creepy, so that was a bit problematic).  I wrote a little on the third day and had sort of a brainwave on the fourth day, an idea that could save me from dying of boredom if I do continue with this story.  I think I will.  I think I can.  Even if I hate it at the end of the month, it'll be good to have gotten it out of my system because this is a story idea I've been banging around in my brain for years...and I need to eventually write it or move past it.  Or both.  So, onward intrepid novelist, I tell myself.

(On the subject of brains: "Mom, do you have brains?" Essie just now asked me.  I told her I do, but...honestly, they're kind of mushy at the moment.  Very uninspired, dusty little brains.  Oh, well.)

Meanwhile, Millie has entered the Young Writer's Program again this year and she is doing great.  She is over her word count goal every day so far and is actually writing story...remember how last year she spent most of the month describing her characters?  I can't wait to see where her novel goes over the course of thirty days.  Good girl.   

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