Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Knitting Season

For the past few years it seems that the only season I really get any knitting done is this late winter, post-Christmas season.  There's no longer that pressure to be getting projects done for Christmas gifts, but it's still cold and wintry and thus knitted things still seem like a really good idea.  The appeal usually starts to taper off as the weather heats up, so I'm trying to take advantage of these ideal knitting conditions while I can.  This year seems to be the year of wrist warmers.  I guess I've had cold hands?  These help:

My Saphira's Scales Mitts, so named for Saphira, the blue dragon in Paolini's Inheritance Cycle:

The actual pattern is the Fallberry Mitts by Anne Hanson.

Then I decided I wanted a really, exceptionally soft pair and knitted these Gradient Mitts from some lovely bulky merino:

This pattern is by Lee Meredith.  My elder daughter wants a pair as well, although she chose some lime green and magenta yarn for hers.  She had been going to go with green and yellow in honor of Tolkien's Goldberry, whom we'd recently read about in The Fellowship of the Ring (her first time!), but she decided she really liked a higher contrast between the colors in the gradient. and magenta.  Those will be next:

Daughter the younger already received these Wee Toshettes in the same bulky merino I used for my own Gradient Mitts.  So cute.  Nothing like cozy, chunky knits over dimpled little hands:

Essie also inspired a detour from the realm of wrist warmers recently when she picked out her first read-alone chapter book from the bookstore.  She chose The Adventures of Sophie Mouse: A New Friend.  Shortly thereafter it occurred to her that Sophie Mouse was so incredibly cute she really ought to be incarnated in doll form.  She asked me to knit her one.  Right away!  Tonight!  It was such a desperate plea that I agreed, if not to knit a doll that very evening, at least to look around online for a suitable pattern from which to knit one.  A week later, she had this wee little mouse to love along with her new favorite book:

I used Susan Claudino's Bonnie Wee Mouse pattern, although I did modify it a bit to make our Sophie Wee Mouse more like the illustration from the book.

Somewhere along the line I also knitted up an ear warmer for my mother-in-law, and I have a couple other gift knits in the works that I dare not mention.  Suffice to say, Knitting Season 2015 is currently in full swing.

(Millie is getting in on the action too, having joined a knitting club at school and recently finished her very first project - a knitted muffler/neck warmer for Essie for her 5th birthday.  All she needs to do now is sew on the button she picked out for it.  Since I started my first knitting project somewhere around 12 years of age and didn't actually finish a knitting project until well into my 20s, I think she's doing great!)

Basically, around here...lots of knitting these days.

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